Automotive Broadcasting Network team


While an executive for Asbury Automotive Group, Jerry Daniels, our founder, attended manufacturer launch events and watched as they played captivating spots that primed the dealer body to sell the latest models. Jerry determined that if he could find a way to communicate as the OEMs did and produce advertising that emotionally engaged the customer in the same way, they would be equally enthusiastic to buy.

In 2007 technology caught up to Daniels’ vision and a system to use digital signage, a new technology at that time, to deliver targeted messaging to retail automotive dealers was launched. The concept proved very effective at targeting customers that were already in the facility with their vehicle needs top-of-mind. Powerful in both service and the showroom, ABN quickly attracted customers by providing marketing that drove revenue across all departments while informing, educating and building dealership loyalty with customers.

As ABN evolves, our team of automotive professionals builds on our dealership experience to drive customer satisfaction. Our mission is to deliver a product that uniquely works for you with a process that is completely end-to-end. From consultation to complete installation, coupled with unparalleled reliability to continuous content management, we handle all the details so you can focus on what you are great at: selling and servicing vehicles.